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Wind & Your Roof

Wind & Your Roof

With the recent tropical storms, wind has become a topic of concern. Wind is one of nature’s inevitable forces, so it is important to be prepared. Equipping your home with proper roofing materials and performing regular maintenance on your roof are the easiest way to thwart wind damage. If damage is inflicted, there are measures that can be taken to repair your roof.

When you think of wind damage, you probably think of a tornado blowing through, or a hurricane ripping roofs right off. In reality, all it takes is a few gusts of wind at 75-85 mph and shingles can be lifted up. Average shingles carry a 60 mph wind resistance, but shingles that withstand over 100 mph can be purchased. These shingles are special order items though, and they require an additional 2 nails per shingle. A good way to prevent wind uplifting shingles, is to inspect your roof. Make sure the insulation and roofing materials are adequately secured to the roof deck, and that the perimeter of the roof is securely fastened. As long as the shingles were properly installed, your roof should be able to withstand normal wind gusts easily.

If your roof becomes exposed, for whatever reason, your house is now subject to rain and water damage. Debris can become lodged underneath poorly secured shingles, or simply fly through the sky and forcefully land upon your roof. As a result, shingles may fall off, and your roof is susceptible to deterioration. If rain accompanies the storm, water can be blown underneath the shingles or other roofing materials. The inside of the roof will be unprotected, which results to leaking. Any cracks or holes that were once not a problem for a homeowner can become a waterfall! (If you have a leak, check out our blog post on roof leaks!) Once again, the easiest way to prevent any roofing damage is to inspect your roof before the wind blows in. It is easy to make sure your shingles are glued down so more extensive damage is not created.

Published September 6, 2011.

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