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The Impact of Design on the Performance of Windows

The design of your windows often plays a key role in its performance in your home. In this post, Lone-Star Roof Systems, LP discusses three factors that influence the link between design and performance. These are:

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Window Orientation

In a mostly cold climate, facing your windows due north presents a lower chance of direct exposure to the cold. During summer, you can face your windows due south and install an extra overhang to keep out the sun. In a typically hot climate, turning your windows to the south can improve solar gain and lower your heating energy use.

Nevertheless, the orientation of your window comes down to other elements besides solar heat gain. Having quality windows in your home can increase energy efficiency, no matter their orientation. As the experts in window replacement we offer an array of windows that feature modern advances in window technology.

Window Area

With high performance windows, you no longer need to limit the window areas to control your energy use. If you heat your home through the winter, these windows can offset their heat loss by gaining solar heat, if turned toward the sun. This is because the entire glazing area has a huge impact on energy use with regular windows in your home.

You can make up for this difference by going for Low-E (low emissivity) windows. These Low-E glass packages are at the heart of our replacement windows options. Low-E glass limits the amount of UV and infrared rays that enter your home, allowing only filtered light to pass through while reflecting most heat energy back to its source. This is an extremely efficient way to reduce energy loss.


In a region with a temperate climate, the main aim is to gain more solar heat during winter and reduce it in summer. To do this, you can install overhangs or other shading devices on the south side of your home. Our windows come with a low SHGC so it may not be necessary to rely on any form of shading.

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