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Maintenance Tips to Extend Your Commercial Roof’s Life

Every commercial property owner wants a roof that lasts. However, buying a tough product alone doesn’t guarantee longevity. Regardless of its material, you should know exactly the kind of maintenance and care your roof needs. While its maintenance needs may differ from others, there are best practices you can follow […]

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Basic Components of a Roofing System

The ability of your roof to resist the elements, especially water, depends on the components that makes it up. As a system, all parts should work together to keep your indoors safe and dry for decades.

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Roofing Q and A from the Expert Lone-Star Roof Systems

Your roof is one of the most important long-term investments you’ll make in your lifetime. This is why you should never rush a roofing project and not be afraid to ask. Every homeowner has their own unique set of requirements for their roofs. However, there are enough similarities to merit […]

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