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How To Address Commercial Roofing Leaks

Leaks are arguably the most common roof problems. Most roofing system issues can trace its roots to the “humble” leak, such as rotting roofing structure, temperature fluctuation, and moisture problems, to name a few. In a commercial setting, there are unique risks to leaving a leak unaddressed. Lone-Star Roof Systems […]

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Lone-Star Roof Systems: Professional Roofing Services

At Lone-Star Roof Systems, we’re roofers you can count on for all your roofing needs. We’re an industry leader in the local roofing scene, and we offer quality solutions for your residential and business needs. Learn more why we’re the company you should work with.

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Roof Repairs: Why You Should Always Leave It to The Pros

When your roofing needs repair, it’s tempting to just do it on your own to save money. For roof repairs, it’s always the smarter choice to leave it to the professionals instead of doing DIY work. Lone-Star Roof Systems discusses more.

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Why and How Nature Approves of Metal Roofing

Sustainability is one of the advantages of metal roofing over its counterparts. With its eco-friendly features, it offers the best trade-off among beauty, durability, energy efficiency, affordability, and maintenance.

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Qualities that Make Modified Bitumen Stand the Test of Time

Modified bitumen has been around since the ‘70s and has remained relevant because of its exceptional toughness. It may be just one of the many low-slope roofing choices now, but it’s still the low-slope roofing choice for discerning customers.

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