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Pro Advice: All about Good Roof Asset Management

Today’s economic climate has seen a series of budget cuts, with roof maintenance often at the receiving end. The usual mantra is that “if it’s not leaking, it’s still good,” but facility owners often don’t realize that a roof is a building’s asset, and not just a feature. As such, […]

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Residential Roofing Series: Features and Benefits Of Slate

There are several factors to consider when choosing a roof type, but if you want a system that will last for ages and boost the elegance of your home, then slate is the way to go. It is extremely durable and can give your home the appearance of an upscale […]

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The Advantages of Our Roofing Materials

It is vital to consider your needs when choosing a roof material for your home. It is equally important to consider climate and the advantages offered by specific roofs. In this second blog installment, Lone-Star Roof Systems discusses the advantages of our roofing materials. These include:

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Things to Consider When Getting a Roof Replacement

Getting a quality roof replacement can grant you peace of mind, especially if you live in a region such as Texas. Constant exposure to the hot climate condition of the area can degrade your roof and shorten its life span. That in mind, it is vital that you still consider […]

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