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Roof Repairs


Professional Residential Roof Repairs

When your roof is damaged to the point of leaking, you must decide between a roof repair and a roof replacement. Call on "Texas' Premier Roofer" to help you make this important decision. We will gladly conduct a professional inspection to evaluate the true condition of your roof. You will then be able to make an informed decision based on the facts, instead of just guessing as to what is going wrong. It may come as a surprise, but many of the roofs we get called to replace can usually be restored to several additional years of life with a simple repair. Let your local and trusted roofer help when your roof is in crisis.

“...many of the roofs we get called to replace can usually be restored to several additional years of life with a simple repair.”

Many factors are taken into consideration when choosing between a roof repair and a roof replacement. The age and the type of roof present the most valuable information for determining the remaining life of the roof. Different roofing materials last longer than others. Metal roofs will generally last 50 years, while composition shingles only last 15-30 years. The lifetime of your roof can also be influenced based on the quality and brand of roofing materials which are installed on your roof.

The type and extent of the damage should also influence your decision between a roof replacement or repair. Whether shingles have uplifted, are losing granules, or have flown off, a repair is usually an option. Regarding metal roofs, damage doesn't happen as frequently. When it does, however, Lone-Star Roof Systems can help!

Before any repair can be done, Lone-Star Roof Systems must first locate the origin of the damage. Luckily our employees have quite a bit of experience in locating leaks, so we know what to look for. By walking the roof and focusing on common trouble areas, we are generally able to find the origin of the concern promptly. Unfortunately, water may have traveled an extensive journey through your attic by the time it presents on your ceiling. Your roof could have started leaking weeks before you actually noticed the leak. This is the main reason why it's detrimental to call Lone-Star Roof Systems as soon as you notice a problem. The earlier we can locate the issue, the less money you will have to spend in the long run fixing it.

Professional Commercial Roof Repairs

Commercial roof repairs call for a particular set of knowledge and skills. There are many different types of materials used for commercial roofing, and each requires a specific approach. Lone-Star Roof Systems employs a commercial roofing specialist who is knowledgeable in all aspects of commercial roofing, and has the experience to back it up. Since there are countless types and styles of commercial roofs, many different options are available when it comes to repairing the roof.  Some examples of commercial roofs that we can repair or install are TPO, built-up torch down, built-up hot mop, and a variety of roof coatings. Lone-Star Roof Systems is also qualified to work with stone coated steel, standing seam metal, exposed facet metal, composite shingles, clay tiles, concrete tiles, and energy efficient coatings.

Repairing a commercial roof is NOT as easy as you might think. As the owner of your business, it would be in your best interests to contact a professional for their opinion. If you're in need of a commercial roof repair, call Lone-Star Roof Systems today for a professional estimate!

Roof Maintenance

Aside from hail damage, the most common reason for roof damage is neglect. Simply for this reason, you should realize that it is important to maintain your roof. Without roof maintenance, your roof's integrity can change in a matter of months.

“Maintaining your roof is the best preventative measure you can take
to prolong the life of your roof.”

Whatever material your roof may be, maintenance is important. Have a roofer come out once a year for an inspection and debris removal. If you have a metal roof, the surface should be cleaned with a solution designed for metal roofs. Rinsing off your roof, of any type, is also advised to prevent dirt and grime from decaying. Check to see if your weather vane and lighting protection system are in place and adequately prepared for extreme weather. After every storm, it is advised to investigate your roof for damage. Lone-Star Roof Systems advises preparation of your roof for winter. Winterizing your roof includes removing debris from the roof and the gutters, trimming tree branches so they are away from the roof, and checking for damaged shingles which can lead to leaks. Identifying damage immediately can minimize costly outcomes in the future. Simple preservation methods such as these will allow your roof to have the life it is designed to have.

Maintaining your roof is the best preventative measure you can take to prolong the life of your roof. Contact Lone-Star Roof Systems at (800) 317-1939 to create a roof maintenance plan, or to setup a professional inspection and estimate.

Our Maintenance Contract

Lone-Star Roof Systems adheres strictly to a very tight code of quality, service, and professionalism. When installing your roof, we strive to put on a product that will remain in a good condition for years to come. In order for this to happen though, it's necessary to maintain your roof.

Luckily, Lone-Star Roof Systems has maintenance service. We can provide you with a maintenance package when we install your roof, or you can simply purchase one by itself (whether we installed your roof, or not). We design maintenance packages specific for your needs. If you don't care to commit to maintaining your roof for an extended period of time, one time services are also available. Our packages vary by price and frequency depending on what type of care you want to put into your roof.

Besides hail, the most common cause of damage to a roof is neglect. Call us today to get a professional inspection and estimate. Keep your roof in the best shape possible! (800) 317-1939.

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