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How Roofing Contractors Are Adding to Abilene's Economy

On April 24th a hail storm passed over the town of Abilene, Texas. Since then, over 7,100 roofing permits have been issued, including to us —Lone-Star Roof Systems, LP.

This hail storm has provided a lot of work to the area’s roofing contractors, as well as contributed greatly to the local economy.  The roaring sales in roofing materials have consequently boosted tax numbers. This is a benefit to the city and state of Texas since they are now receiving added revenue that was not present before the storm.

So how exactly does replacing hail damaged roofs contribute to the sales tax figures? Well for each residential roofing job in Abilene, there will be an average cost associated with each job.  A roofer will pay sales tax on the roofing materials that he purchases from the wholesaler, and then the tax from the materials will be sent to the state (in this case: Texas). On average, the city of Abilene will receive about $50 per job, and around $71,000 per month in sales tax revenue as a result of the hail storm. That’s a lot of extra money the city and state are basically just given!


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