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4 Reasons to Choose Wood Roofing

Wood is a reliable roofing material that has been trusted by homeowners for centuries. It offers protection, durability, and aesthetics, among other features. Wood roofs, especially shingles and shakes, complement a range of architectural styles. They look gorgeous both in traditional and modern homes, making them a natural pick of […]

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Why Tile Roofing Is Best for Your Home in TX

Our home state of Texas has one of the harshest environments and climates in the country. In Houston and the areas surrounding the city, for instance, summers are typically hot and humid, and thunderstorms strike often.

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5 Things Local Contractors Offer That Other Roofers Can’t

The roof is an essential part of every home. It protects us from the elements, and it is a vital component in our home’s curb appeal. This makes the roof one of the biggest home improvement investments you’re going to have to make if your roof is old and it’s […]

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Taking Care of the Roofing at Your Place of Business

Taking good care of the roof at you place of business can be vital to its survival. The roof is our business’ main protection against the elements, protecting our business investments from the heat, rain, wind, and dust. A bad roof can cost us money; losses stemming from something as […]

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Lone Star Roofing: Best Roofing Options for Texans

Most true Texans know that the climate here can be harsh at times. What with our humid subtropical climate, we can expect the heat of the sun to beat down on us for most of the year, while thunderstorms packing strong winds and heavy rains often visit us in the […]

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Roof Replacement: Importance of the Cost vs. Value Report

Now that it’s Spring, most homeowners are probably thinking about doing some remodeling at home. However, before doing any home remodeling, it is always best to check the latest Cost vs. Value report. Why? So that you would know the true value of your home improvement investment.

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Lone Star Roofing Systems: Spotlight on Tile Roofing

If you’re thinking about investing in a new roof in Texas, you can’t go wrong with Lone Star Roof Systems, which offers several types of roofing that are perfect for the harsh Texan weather. One particular roofing system we offer that will surely withstand the test of nature and time […]

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When Leaks Attack: Knowing What to Look For

Any roofer with truly expansive experience will tell you that leaks are easy to spot if you’re conscientious and know what to look for. This is particularly important as it will save you a lot to deal with before any leak grows into a truly major problem. When it comes […]

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